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Real Estate Perfectly Sums Up The Rate Cuts

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It’s only a confusing when you just accept the booming economy of the unemployment rate. From this perspective, 2018 was, and more so 2019 is, a downright conundrum. By all mainstream accounts, this just shouldn’t be happening. Home sales are running at a pace similar to 2015 levels – even with exceptionally low mortgage rates, [...]

What Does It Mean That Real Estate, Not Equities, Is Driving Monetary Policy?

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In the world of assets classes, I don’t believe it is equities which hold the Federal Reserve’s attention. After the 2006-11 debacle, the big bust, you can at least understand why policymakers might be more attuned to real estate no matter how the NYSE trades. It may be a decade ago, but that’s the one [...]

Housing: Going Wrong In The Few Things That Were Going Right

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It certainly doesn’t feel like a bubble. We’ve heard about home prices in many cities skyrocketing like there has been one, still there does seem to be something different. If it is a bubble, it sure isn’t the same as the last one, the big one fifteen years ago. Much is missing this time around. [...]

Three-For-One In Poor Housing Data

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We all know the shorthand. The Federal Reserve influences if not controls economic activity by raising and lowering the federal funds apparatus. Reducing the monetary policy targets is stimulus because everyone loves lower interest costs. Raising them therefore has the opposite effect. More direct and visible consequences are supposed to be observed first in the [...]

Writing The New Book On Credit Channel Depression

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On June 15, 2007, not even two months before worldwide panic would break out, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was in Atlanta, Georgia, speaking at a monetary policy conference. Sponsored by the Atlanta branch of his organization, as fate would have it Bernanke’s chosen topic was the credit channel for monetary policy. This is something [...]

September Market Report – Government to the Rescue

By |2008-09-22T11:11:23-04:00September 22nd, 2008|Markets|

Note: This update is longer than usual. I feel it is important for everyone to understand how the problems facing our economy developed and what steps are being taken to correct them. The details of the latest government rescue effort are not completely available yet, so it is hard to predict the outcome, but it [...]