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TIC Reveals The Landmine; This Time Is Already Different

By |2019-06-18T16:34:52-04:00June 18th, 2019|Currencies, Economy, Federal Reserve/Monetary Policy, Markets|

I’ve been writing since October when China reopened from that month’s Golden Week holiday that big dollar problems were imminent. You needn’t have taken my word for it, the PBOC said as much. Not directly, of course, but in interpreting the central bank’s anticipated behavior left little doubt.  Over the next few months, more and [...]

Eurodollar University: Call For Papers

By |2019-06-17T12:03:05-04:00June 17th, 2019|Bonds, Currencies, Economy, Federal Reserve/Monetary Policy, Markets|

It comes down to a choice, really: find an alternative to Economics (capital “E”), or give Economics an alternative. The former may be necessary over time, a luxury we don’t really have. The latter, however, requires a sufficient number of open-minded participants already inside the intellectual fortress. Enough of a critical mass who realize despite [...]


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