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JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon Warns Again On UST’s Even Though JPM Appears To Have Been Huge Buyers of UST’s

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JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon climbed back up on the bond bear. It was one year ago, May 7, 2018, when he went on BloombergTV and caused a substantial market stir when he said 4%. No one would want to buy UST’s what with inflation raging and the Federal Reserve forced into an overly aggressive [...]

Market Week in Review

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The steady stock market uptrend since the November lows was broken this week as the bad economic data and bailout uncertainties continued. Market action was dominated by news in the financial sector. JP Morgan, Citigroup and Bank of America all announced more writeoffs this week although JP Morgan at least was able to report a [...]

JP Morgan Economic Forecast

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 Via Real Time Economics: Comparing Past Recessions Start of Recession    Worst two quarters    Change peak-to-trough    Change in unemployment rate*    Quarters in recession    Quarters of slow growth    1948 -3.5 -1.7 3.3 4 0 1953 -4.3 -2.6 3.4 4 5 1957 -7.4 -3.2 3.4 3 8 1960 -2.3 -0.5 1.9 3 4 1969 -1.3 -0.2 2.6 4 [...]

JP Morgan Steps Up Again

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In my post Libor Too High or Fed Funds Too Low?, I suggested a way that the market might begin to function again: How is the Fed going to get out of this? The only way I can see to get this market functioning again is for some large bank to offer to lend a [...]