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Still Stuck In Between

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Note: originally published Friday, Nov 1 There wasn’t much by way of the ISM’s Manufacturing PMI to allay fears of recession. Much like the payroll numbers, an uncolored analysis of them, anyway, there was far more bad than good. For the month of October 2019, the index rose slightly from September’s decade low. At 48.3, [...]

The Domestic PMI Picture, Still A Dollar Shortage

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This green shoot didn’t wilt so much as it exploded into a fireball. FRBNY’s Empire State Manufacturing Index had captured the landmine in its initial 2019 readings. Starting from 21.4 (this version uses zero rather than 50 as its dividing line) in November 2018, by January the index had dropped 17.5 points in just two [...]

If You’ve Lost The ISM…

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These transition periods are often just this sort of whirlwind. One day the economy looks awful, the next impervious to any downside. Today, it has been the latter with the BLS providing the warm comfort of headline payrolls. For now, it won’t matter how hollow. Yesterday, completely different story. Apple got it started downhill and [...]

Economic Report: ISM Manufacturing Index

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Update: What does the ISM mean for the market? In an earlier post, we pointed out that the market tends to bottom at the same time as the ISM. The ISM ticked slightly higher this month, for the second consecutive month. While this does not constitute a trend, this could be the beginning of the bottoming [...]