Bill Gross

Jay Powell Is In The Way (Literally, for the UST Curve)

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Early in May 2013, the word “taper” exploded into the mainstream. It was everywhere, scarcely an article written or news story pieced together which hadn't included the term (even though Ben Bernanke never actually said it). The so-called tantrum spread like wildfire simply because of what it represented, the very thing everyone had been waiting [...]

What Bond Bull Really Means

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As the saying goes, the plural of anecdotes is not data. It might also be said that the plethora of anecdotes does not make for accurate news. Before around mid-December 2018, media outlets particularly those like Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal anxious to vindicate the technocrats at the Federal Reserve couldn’t print enough stories [...]


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Bill Gross made over $1 billion for his PIMCO Total Return fund when the government placed Fannie/Freddie under conservatorship and made bond holders whole. He's given it back on Lehman and AIG (via Bloomberg): Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Gross's Pimco Total Return Fund, the world's largest bond fund, fell 1.4 percent yesterday, the biggest [...]