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Germany’s Superstimulus; Or, The Familiar (Dollar) Disorder of Bumbling Failure

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The Economics textbook says that when faced with a downturn, the central bank turns to easing and the central government starts borrowing and spending. This combined “stimulus” approach will fill in the troughs without shaving off the peaks; at least according to neo-Keynesian doctrine. The point is to raise what these Economists call aggregate demand. [...]

Despite Six Years, Triple Dip Recession

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It is the question nobody ever asks. As soon as contraction happens, the whole thing switches. Central bankers turn their attention, and move the public’s, toward fighting the thing, making sure it is as shallow and short as may be necessary. Officials pay total focus to getting out of it without ever having to answer [...]

Angela Merkel and the Economy – Merkel Makes Sense

By |2008-12-03T13:23:43-05:00December 3rd, 2008|Economy|

Finally, a politician who makes some sense about the economy (via the WSJ): The root of the global financial and economic crisis is known to every Swabian housewife, Ms. Merkel said: "You can't keep on living beyond your means." A lack of thrift in advanced economies caused the crisis and can't be its cure, she [...]